Do you know all there is to know about SUVs? Are you very knowledgeable about sedans’ optional features? Are you familiar with all the brands and their specificities? If so, join the Autobonjour team for a great career!

Bring along your expert knowledge and share it with our customer base who is always keen on discussing with professionals like you. Whether you prefer sales or are more versed on the technical side of things, we most likely have a position for you with numerous challenges along the line.

But don’t worry, you won’t face them alone. Our current team is here to help you transition into your new position. We firmly believe that mutual aid and teamwork are essential and are part of Autobonjour DNA and partly the reason for its success.

Located in the Laurentians, one of Québec’s most beautiful regions, Autobonjour is the perfect setting to give a new meaning to your career in the automotive industry. Whether you like nature or the city, this area and its surroundings will surely make you happy. Moreover, we have two dealerships, one in Saint-Jérôme, the other in Saint-Eustache so we can accommodate you in your new career path.

Don’t hesitate to apply after checking our offers below. If you don’t find the position you’re looking for, use the online form to send us your CV telling us which position you’re currently seeking. Please make sure to clearly put your contact details so that we can reach back shortly thereafter.

There are currently no job openings available.